Solar Installers

Use these lists to locate a potential installer, employer, or to learn more about a project. We do not know how often these resources update their data. We have built data tables and a local map with links that we update at least monthly.

Local Companies: 
Sunliteracy | NC Map (most up-to-date and includes links) 
SEIA | NC Map   
SEIA | VT Map 
U.S. Companies & Projects:
SEIA | U.S. Map (click the state then the "Keep Reading" link)1
EnergySage | Research Solar | About EnergySage | About SunShot
NABCEP Certified Professionals | NC | VT
NABCEP | Certified Companies | Code of Ethics/File a Complaint
NC Sustainable Energy Assoc. | Business Code and Signatories
Renewable Energy Vermont | Member Directory
EnergySage | Search
Solar Reviews | NC | VT
Angie's List | Solar Installation
Yelp | Solar Companies Near Me

Or, use the following URL pattern, inserting your state, using a hyphen between words:


Local Jobs:
Sunliteracy NC Solar Jobs
LinkedIn | NC Solar Jobs2
LinkedUp | NC Solar Jobs (scraped from multiple sites; links to apply directly at each company)
LinkedIn | VT Solar Jobs
Renewable Energy Vermont  Jobs
Multi-State Job Opportunities:
Blue Raven Solar
NABCEP | Career Center
SunPro Careers
U.S. Manufacturing Jobs lists are linked on our "Assemble" page.
 Locate listings in any state by using the following URL pattern, inserting the state name, using a hyphen between words:



ASES | Webinars
Solar Power World Webinars

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